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Standout Organic Wines from Bierzo

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Organic Wines from Casar de Burbia

If you’re seeking organic wines from Bierzo and you’ve landed here, let us tell you how we understand organic viticulture and winemaking at Casar de Burbia.

Organic wines are in vogue, but in reality, it’s nothing new.

Wines were traditionally made organically in the past. And we don’t have to go far back in time.

The grandparents and even the parents of today’s winemakers cultivated vineyards and worked the land organically, and that’s how it had been done all their lives.

Though it’s worth clarifying that they did work the land and the vineyards; they didn’t leave the vineyards to their own devices, which is what some advocate for nowadays when making organic wine.

At Casar de Burbia, we’ve revived the organic farming practices of the past.

Because we believe that besides being more sustainable, it allows us to obtain truly authentic wines that reflect the identity of the region they come from.

Furthermore, we incorporate the latest techniques and advancements to work in the field more efficiently and to better control the wine fermentation and aging processes.

We also undertake various research projects to continue evolving, delving deeper into soil knowledge, viticulture techniques, aging processes…

We aim not only to produce organic wines but also high-quality wines that express the identity of their soil origins.

That’s how we understand organic viticulture at Casar de Burbia

All Casar de Burbia wines are organic and have organic certification following current European regulations. However, our understanding of organic wines and the organic concept has evolved significantly in recent years.

Initially, producing organic wines meant not using herbicides, systemic chemicals, and other products regulated by the European Economic Community regulations.

But since then, we’ve gone much further. Several years ago, we launched our zero-copper project. Through this project, we researched new, soil- and nature-friendly methods to control fungal diseases in our vineyards.

Thus, we’ve been able to completely eliminate the use of copper, which, although authorized by organic regulations, accumulates in the soil, altering its composition and balance.

Additionally, for some years, we followed the current trend of not tilling the soil and only clearing it. However, based on our own experience and research, we’ve decided to return to tilling the soil and adding organic matter, as was traditionally done, to promote soil vitality.

In this way, we allow the natural decomposition process to occur, enriching the soil with organic matter and humus, keeping the soil alive. And alive soil makes for a lively vineyard.

So how does organic farming reflect in Casar de Burbia wines?

The way we practice organic viticulture at Casar de Burbia allows us to follow specific steps in the winemaking process to create standout organic wines from Bierzo.

We aim for more complex wines, wines that sincerely reflect the personality of the soils and the region where they grow.

For example, we conducted research on the use of lees in aging based on the quality of the lees or solid material left in the tanks after fermentation.

We found that organic farming and the use of native yeasts significantly affected the quality of the lees. Our lees didn’t produce off-putting aromas; on the contrary, they brought great benefits to the wines.

We realized that by working the vineyard the way we do, we can obtain good lees and carry out extended aging, keeping the lees for 18-20 months.

The wines gain volume in the mouth and greater complexity in aromas, providing a different perspective on the wine.

Additionally, we achieve wines that evolve and age much better. Just as with lees aging, the same occurs with other procedures and methods we carry out in the winery.

Organic viticulture helps us push boundaries and create richer, more authentic, more loving wines.

Now you know that Casar de Burbia wines are much more than organic wines from Bierzo.

They are wines that express Bierzo in its purest form. They are wines that come from vineyards perfectly integrated into the nature and mountains of Bierzo.

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