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Our manifesto
of organic viticulture

We understand that a special wine comes from a special vineyard

That’s why at CASAR DE BURBIA, we have vast vineyards representing the most authentic El Bierzo.

We have vineyards with old, less productive vines that yield high-quality grapes.

We’ve also replanted vineyards in the highest and least productive areas of the Bierzo mountains, where cultivation was initially abandoned due to lack of profitability.

At that time, quality wasn’t valued, and focus was on areas with higher yields.

Furthermore, we meticulously selected the best cuttings from our old vines, which now give us the opportunity to preserve and surpass the qualities of the oldest and most
indigenous vineyards in El Bierzo.

It’s an important legacy we aim to nurture and pass down through generations.

To achieve this, we understand the need to better comprehend our vines and their requirements. This involves careful observation throughout the harvest seasons and
adapting our practices for continuous improvement.
We see the vineyard as a living entity and strive to promote its well-being, aiming for a natural balance through organic viticulture practices.

Casar de burbia

Viticulture Manifiesto


No use of herbicides or systemic chemicals.


Rational soil management to prevent erosion and desertification of high-altitude soils.


Soil fertilization with organic matter, based on analysis of soil microorganisms.


Trimming of upper parts of the plant from the beginning of vegetation to keep the vines well-aerated and healthier, preventing the proliferation of fungi and fungal diseases.


Maintaining grass at the height of the clusters to protect the soil from erosion, preserving flora and fauna around the vineyard.


Mowing of grass in August to promote grape ripening.


Vineyard treatments with infusions of sage, horsetail, and other natural plants to
prevent pest and disease development.


Complete elimination of copper in the vineyards, replaced by treatments with plants
and natural products with fungicidal properties.


Manual control of vegetation, leaf removal, green pruning to limit production and obtain higher quality grapes…


Varietal conversion from Palomino to Mencía using traditional grafting techniques,
such as cleft and bud grafting, allowing us to maintain the old rootstock with lower but
higher-quality yields.

Discover the authentic Bierzo from the inside

Explore a fascinating wine region hand in hand with Casar de Burbia

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