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Our history,
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Echo of a Barrel

A 6-year-old boy named Nemesio Fernández slips through the narrow opening of the wooden barrel in the house, a space only a child could fit into, to help his grandmother clean the barrel while they sing together, as they used to do.

On that day, Nemesio noticed that his voice resonated powerfully within the barrel, making him feel older, which he enjoyed.

From that moment on, Nemesio began to dream of having his own winery, and thanks to the values of effort and hard work instilled in him by his grandmother, he would later realize his dream.


Leaving Everything for Your Passion

After working as a chauffeur and owning various businesses, such as slate quarries, mining excavations, and road construction, Nemesio decides to leave it all behind to pursue what he truly loves: the countryside.

Initially, he focused on fruit production and later transitioned to vineyards. In 1989, at the age of 55, he could begin to fulfill his dream.

It was then that he started buying vineyards in Valtuille de Arriba, in the higher areas of El Bierzo, where the fog
did not reach. He spent Saturdays and Sundays searching for the best vineyard plots, the ones with the best orientation, located in high areas and less productive, which were the first to be abandoned in those years.

This is how Nemesio came to know almost all the families that owned vineyards in the mountains of Valtuille de Arriba and the surrounding villages. 

He bought some of their least productive vineyards, which, in turn, produced grapes of higher quality.

While most viticulturists were replanting old vineyards with new Mencía vines and without the Palomino variety, thanks to European subsidies, Nemesio had a different vision.

He wanted to maintain the root and the old vineyard by grafting Palomino vines with old Mencía cuttings, the indigenous grape of El Bierzo. Thus, Nemesio became one of the first people to believe in and invest in promoting Bierzo wines, aiming to transform this fantastic wine region
into the Spanish Burgundy.

That same year, 1989, the Bierzo Designation of Origin was established, although it would take about 10 more years for some renowned viticulturists and winemakers to start paying attention to El Bierzo and for the region’s capacity to produce good wines to be recognized.


El Bierzo Seduces

After acquiring a total of 52 plots and assembling 27 hectares of high-quality vineyards in El Bierzo, Nemesio, now accompanied by his three sons, begins his first winemaking ventures.

With each harvest, they learn and evolve, aiming to create quality wines with limited production. They are joined by his three sons, primarily Isidro, who, besides studying Agricultural Engineering and Oenology, shares the love for the family project and the enthusiasm for elevating El Bierzo.

That year, Casar de Burbia released its first bottled harvest under the DO Bierzo label.


The Dream of a Child Comes True

Nemesio Fernández, the boy who once felt grown-up hearing the echo of his voice inside an oak barrel, now accompanied closely by his son Isidro, finally fulfills the dream of owning a winery.

Together, they decide to take an important step. In 2002, they build their own winery. A winery designed to produce elegant, aged, single-plot wines.

A winery to add value to the high-quality grapes from the best vineyards in El Bierzo.


Among the Best Wines of El Bierzo

In recent years, the family project has consolidated, and Casar de Burbia has positioned itself among the best wines of El Bierzo.

With their vast experience and viticulture knowledge, Isidro
Fernández continues to drive the creation of elegant, fresh wines that reflect authentic El Bierzo. To achieve this, Casar de Burbia seeks to do what no one else does, innovating to go
beyond, defending the great potential of El Bierzo to produce high-level wines.

Their firm commitment to organic vineyard cultivation, research with indigenous grape varieties, and the creation of single-vineyard wines from their own vineyards provide consistency and uniqueness to their project and their wines.

At the same time, Casar de Burbia remains faithful to tradition, recovering cultivation techniques and winemaking processes to make wines as they were made in the past.

The Team

Nemesio Fernández Bruña

Nemesio Fernández Bruña ha sido un visionario que remó a contracorriente en la década de los setenta, compró lo mejores viñedos del Bierzo cuando el resto de paisanos consideraban que el cultivo de la vitis vinífera no era rentable.

Isidro Fernández Bello

La dirección de Casar de Burbia la recoge Isidro Fernández, el menor de los tres hijos de Nemesio, fundador de la empresa. Es Ingeniero Técnico Agrícola por la Universidad de León y Máster en viticultura y enología.

Fermín Uría

Ingeniero químico y licenciado en enología, hijo del que fuera fundador de Dominio de Tares.

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