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Life is meant to be lived
with passion

We infuse passion into everything we do

At Casar de Burbia, we believe in doing things right and authentically.

All our wines come from indigenous grapes grown in our own vineyards located in various areas of Valtuille de Arriba, one of the most esteemed regions in El Bierzo.

We nurture our vineyards through certified organic viticulture, incorporating principles of regenerative and biodynamic viticulture, yielding high-quality grapes used in crafting all our wines.

We create wines with their own identity, wines that captivate with every sip and elevate the El Bierzo wine region while honoring its essence.

We build a legacy designed to endure through time, based on three pillars:

Organic Viticulture

We cultivate the land as our ancestors did, preserving soils, indigenous varieties, fauna, and the environment. In doing so, we conserve and enhance the identity of El Bierzo to achieve the utmost expression in Casar de Burbia wines.

We practice organic and biodynamic viticulture, replacing herbicides and systemic products with sustainable techniques. We cultivate and care for our vineyards to keep them healthy and robust, respecting the natural balance of the ecosystem.

All Casar de Burbia wines are certified organic, but we go beyond merely complying with EU regulations. We aim to avoid the use of any products that, though permitted in organic farming, are detrimental to soils and the environment.

Casar de Burbia wines are organic wines.

Research and Development (R&D)

Observing, investigating, experimenting, and continually reinventing ourselves is the only way to progress and evolve in the world of wine to create ever-better wines.

Since the inception of our project in 1989, at Casar de Burbia, we have been implementing changes in our work processes based on accumulated experience and research into all factors and processes influencing the production of our wines.

Understanding our vineyard soils better is crucial for caring for and maintaining our vines’ health, as well as obtaining quality grapes that express each plot’s identity. Researching the influence of indigenous yeasts versus commercial yeasts in wines or experimenting with indigenous lees during the aging of red and white wines helps us recover natural winemaking processes to create wines that reflect authentic El Bierzo.

In-depth study of the Mencía grape variety allows us to make adjustments in fermentation and aging techniques to create red wines with different organoleptic profiles.

Passion for El Bierzo

We love El Bierzo, we are passionate about its landscapes, its mountains, its vineyards, its beauty, its purity… That’s why one day we decided to buy vineyards in the Bierzo mountains, build a winery, and invest in highlighting this wonderful wine region.

Through Casar de Burbia wines, we aim to express the pure essence of El Bierzo.

We cultivate the vineyards and craft our wines as they were made in the past, embracing tradition, naturally, without haste, and with good ingredients.

For this purpose, we rely on the best old vines from the Bierzo mountains, a total of 27 hectares of vineyards that we have been regenerating since 1989, grafting the original and indigenous Mencía grape variety.

When crafting our wines, we use indigenous yeasts from our own grapes instead of commercial yeasts that do not contribute to the wines’ origin or identity.

Additionally, we conduct long macerations with the grape skins, replace pump-overs with manual punch-downs, and age the wines using natural lees and untoasted wooden barrels, respecting the grapes and avoiding masking their true identity.

Years of cultivating, researching, and nurturing the vineyard have allowed us to become deeply acquainted with El Bierzo.

And since we have our own vineyards spread across different areas, each contributing distinct characteristics and nuances to the wines, at Casar de Burbia, we were pioneers in creating
“Vinos de Paraje” (Single Vineyard Wines). Even before their formal existence, we were producing NEMESIO, TEBAIDA Nº5, and CASTAÑAL, wines from three different “parajes” in
Valtuille de Arriba.

In Casar de Burbia’s “Vinos de Paraje,” you can discover different expressions of the most authentic El Bierzo and let yourself be seduced by unique wines with highly differentiated profiles.

We believe that...


Life is meant to be lived with passion. That’s why at CASAR DE BURBIA, we infuse passion into
everything we do, to do it better, to do it differently, to do it authentically.


Family is the guardian of CASAR DE BURBIA; it allows us to improve and evolve without deviating from our origin and mission: to highlight El Bierzo, its fields, its landscape, its richness.


The origin of a good wine lies in the quality and identity of the grapes and vineyards from which it comes. That’s why at CASAR DE BURBIA, we have 27 hectares of vineyards, and in crafting our wines, we only use grapes from our own vineyards.


To achieve the utmost expression of El Bierzo in CASAR DE BURBIA wines, we need to preserve its essence and nature. That’s why we practice organic viticulture, cultivating our vineyards naturally, without using herbicides, systemic chemicals, or mineral fertilizers.


Balance between tradition and technology enables us to create great Bierzo wines. This is
why at CASAR DE BURBIA, we craft our wines artisanally, recovering traditional winemaking techniques lost to the rush of modern times.


Research is key to continuous value creation, to evolution. That’s why, since our inception in
1989, at CASAR DE BURBIA, we have continuously improved the quality of our wines by developing various R&D projects.


To make the best wines in El Bierzo, hard work is essential, as is extensive training and experience in viticulture and winemaking. Caring for, knowing, and loving the vineyards is crucial. And finally, giving it time, the time necessary to apply the knowledge gained from experience. No, definitely, at CASAR DE BURBIA, we do not believe in magic or magicians.

Discover the authentic Bierzo from the inside

Explore a fascinating wine region hand in hand with Casar de Burbia

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