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We are a purely family-run winery, winegrowers to the core and vintners of vines. Casar de Burbia starts with Nemesio Fernández Bruña, our father and the winery’s first generation. We’d like to share his first memory in a winery.

As was the custom back then, the local kids had the job of cleaning the clay vats. They were because only they could get through the narrow opening. Inside the vat, working on scrubbing it down, he entertained himself by singing and playing with the sounds echoing inside. You might say that that was his first memory of the world of wine and the one that left the biggest mark on him, a mixture of nostalgia and affection.



Years later, in 1989, he decided it was time to make his dream come true and started to buy old vineyards in El Bierzo. Obsessed by the altitude and freshness, he was focused on finding mountain plots, an area that at that time everyone else had abandoned because of the high cost and low selling price of grape production.


And that's why today at Casar de Burbia we can brag about our 52 plots that add up to a total of 27 hectares. In 1998 our first vintage was bottled under our label. Since then, in each season we have strived to learn and evolve.




Generational changing of the guards in small wineries doesn’t usually happen at a go. It happens little by little as the family gets involved in the daily work. Isidro Fernandez, the youngest of Nemesio’s three children, was in charge of taking over where his father left off, initially as a vineyard advisor where his father always was and little by little in all the other areas, like oenology and marketing. Isidro Fernández has increasingly promoted and developed the work of viticulture, supported by Fermín Uría, chemical engineer with a degree in oenology, son of the founder of Dominio de Tares.

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